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Marketing projects start here! Please read below before submitting a new project.

Collaborating and assisting on internal projects initiated by departmental management is a part of our mission. In order to help us prioritize requests, this form will be required to begin the process of helping with your project.

Here are some guidelines for submitting a project request:

  • Marketing assistance is provided on an "as we are able" basis. Assistance with every project will not be possible. We will do our best to prioritize requests in a fair manner.
  • Typically, we require one month lead time in order to provide for proper planning, prioritization and execution. Larger campaigns, events, etc. may need even more advance notice. Please understand, there will be times when we cannot produce requested items in the time frame requested.
  • We can provide assistance getting your concept ready for production, but proposed project concepts need to be properly thought out and approved before submitting a request.
  • If your project will include written copy, please know that Marketing cannot be the source of clinical information or other supporting data. We can help spruce up your written copy, but you must provide a complete draft of your intended copy, approved by the appropriate levels of management who may have interest in the project, along with your request. This copy should have already been proofed for accuracy by everyone involved. After a project has reached the design phase, only minimal changes will be allowed to the copy.
  • Projects of a personal nature are not possible. However, we can suggest other resources including Arkansas Printing for design and printing services.

If you have any questions, please contact Jamie McCombs at or 541-7663.

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