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JRMC School of Nursing Scholarships Awarded

February 16, 2017

From left: Barbara Hutcheson (JRMC Auxiliary member), Lacan Burch (first place recipient), Kimberly Austin (second place recipient) and David Hutcheson (JRMC Auxiliary member)

On Valentine’s Day, seven level-three (senior) nursing students from the JRMC School of Nursing were awarded scholarships at a Nursing School pizza party.

The scholarships were not only awarded based on students’ scholastic scores, but on their motivation to succeed, dedication to the nursing profession and academic excellence. First and second place scholarships were provided through the JRMC Auxiliary and the JRMC School of Nursing Scholarship fund. Third place through seventh place scholarships were provided solely by the JRMC School of Nursing Scholarship fund. All scholarships were credited to the recipients’ nursing account to help pay for school.

For each first and second place scholarship, $500 was provided by the JRMC Auxiliary and $500 by the JRMC School of Nursing Scholarship Fund. The first place scholarship recipient was Lacan Burch and the second place recipient was Kimberly Austin, each receiving $1,000. Laura Murphy was the third place scholarship recipient, receiving $750. The fourth through seventh place recipients were each awarded $500. These students are as follows: Megan Mullikin, Alunda Brooks, Brandy Ballew and Michael Acosta. JRMC School of Nursing scholarships are awarded each year in differing amounts.

These level-three students are scheduled to graduate from the JRMC School of Nursing on May 25, 2017.