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From treatment of sudden traumatic injury to a debilitating stroke or other illness, the JRMC Inpatient Rehab Center is dedicated to helping patients obtain functional independence, with more than 80 percent of discharged patients returning to their own homes.

The Inpatient Rehab Center features a team of physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers to help both patients and family members through the rehabilitation process. JRMC’s Inpatient Rehab provides physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as recreational therapy and exercise physiology, and is also home to Arkansas’ only stroke certified therapist, endorsed by the American Heart & Stroke Association.  The unit includes 27 beds, a dining room/activities area, and a gym that features a wide variety of therapy equipment, focusing on everything from overall mobility to fine motor skills. Rehab also has tools for practicing life skills, such as a full kitchen and the front seat of an actual automobile, so patients can practice getting in and out by themselves. In addition, when a patient is almost ready to be released, they spend a day or two in the Transitional Living Unit, a small apartment furnished by the JRMC Auxiliary. This unique component includes a kitchen, bedroom and bath and allows individuals to be sure they are completely self-sufficient before leaving rehab.

JRMC’s Inpatient Rehab is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  The Program Director is Michael Swedenburg. The Medical Director is Neurologist Jacquelyn Sue Frigon, M.D.


Some type of physical therapy is frequently required following an injury or serious illness, but many patients can effectively be treated after they are discharged from the hospital. With two outpatient rehabilitation centers in Jefferson County, therapy is convenient for just about everyone.

Rehabilitation services at JRMC seek to provide full restorative care to the patient. Highly skilled professionals offer assistance ranging from physical, occupational and speech therapy to sports medicine care.

Various treatment techniques are employed to meet the goals established by the physician and the rehabilitation team. These techniques include the use of various modalities including heat, cold, electrical stimulation, traction, ultrasound, massage, hydrotherapy, diatherym, therapeutic exercises, gait training, splinting, education, activities of daily living, leisure activities, communication skills, swallowing evaluations and patient support.

The Program Director for JRMC's Outpatient Rehab is Anthony Brown. The Medical Director is Brent Lawrence, M.D.

JRMC Outpatient Physical Therapy provides services in two locations:

1609 West 40th, Pine Bluff, AR in the Jefferson Professional Center I

1600 West Holland, White Hall, AR at the White Hall Health Complex