Flu Season – Visitation Reminder

During flu season, JRMC would like to remind community members not to visit JRMC patients if they are experiencing flu symptoms. For the health and safety of JRMC patients, all persons with elevated temperatures, colds, flu and/or other infections or contagious diseases are requested not to visit until free of symptoms. Hospital visits should be […]

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Family Medicine Associates – Now Health Associates of South Arkansas

Family Medicine Associates has changed its name to Family Health Associates of South Arkansas. Their address and phone number will remain the same. Anna Redman, M.D. and Nancy Williams, M.D. will remain the practicing physicians, and day-to-day operations will remain the same. The only change for patients is that the practice name on their bills […]

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JRMC Infusion Center Relocation

On January 3, 2017, the JRMC Infusion Center was relocated. The center is now next to the JRMC Emergency Department (where Quick Care was formerly located), and patient parking is in the Northwest corner of the ED parking lot. All Infusion Center patients should enter through the exterior door to the right of the ED […]

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