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Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) has been in existence for over a century. Beginning as Davis Hospital, JRMC was created to meet the healthcare needs of Southeast Arkansas and exists today with the same purpose. The people of Southeast Arkansas are resilient, caring and strong, and JRMC employees mirror the community they serve. The individuals who work at JRMC each have a story to tell and their passion, kindness and dedication make JRMC’s vision come to life.

Here are their stories:

“JRMC has afforded me the opportunity to grow and develop in many different areas. To me, you can never have enough experience in various aspects of your profession. When you do, I think you’re a more valuable resource to whatever facility or whatever organization you belong to. I absolutely enjoy the people that I work with. Ever since I’ve been at JRMC, I’ve never felt like I didn’t have support. The biggest thing that I’ve felt at JRMC is if you come to work and you do your best to do a good job and you show initiative, you have the opportunity to grow and do new things. I have never felt hindered or restrained from being able to try something new. All I can do is count my blessings every day.”

Thomas Turner

Nursing Application Systems Analyst

“I like to smile. When you go into patients’ rooms, you never know what they’re going through. Sometimes that smile is all it takes. If you start off well coming into the week, it’s usually an indication that it will end well.”

Cheryl Bynum

Patient Coordinator

“I like that every day is a new day. I like that you show up and are in the business of getting people better. You get to see improvement, and you can drive that improvement.

We’re good on the science here, but this is the best attitude group of people that you could work with. We don’t let people get down. We don’t let people beat themselves up or other people up. Like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to rehab a person. Everybody’s sold into it.

Being down is good. Grieving is a part of the process, and I’ll take anybody aside and let them grieve. If somebody’s lost a leg or they’ve lost use of their arm, they deserve the right to grieve. Don’t take that away from them. But don’t let it be in a room full of people trying to be up.

One of the things we pride ourselves on in our unit is our discharge to home is very high compared to the rest of the country. We’re not just taking people and treating them and sending them to the nursing home. Our goal is to get them back to the home, and I think that’s kind of another ‘it takes a village’ issue. That’s between the doctors, the nurses, the staff, the family, the patient and anybody involved. Everybody’s goal is to get them out of the medical establishment and into their home. That’s something that I think that our people down here are very proud of.”

Matt Bradsher

Inpatient Rehab Physical Therapist

"I am thankful for waking up to another day and coming to work; putting a smile on other people's faces; doing something good that I didn't have the opportunity to do the day before. I am also thankful for a job where I feel appreciated for something that I like to do."

Justin Bishop

Transport Aide

"I am thankful for my family and my grandfather. I am thankful for the memories; especially my childhood memories, because I spent a lot of time with him. He is my inspiration. He molded me. He valued hard work and perseverance and because of him, I'm here."

Kit Nazareno

Occupational Therapist

"I am thankful for a God who loves me, a family who loves me and a job I love."

Yvonne Cole


"I am thankful for my job and to work for such a caring hospital; for my family and my two new twin grand babies."

Sarah's daughter named her twins Sarah and Taylor.

Sarah Taylor

Certified Pharmacy Tech

“I like taking care of the patients. The most rewarding thing about taking care of people is just seeing the smiles on their faces. It just brings joy to me.”

Jarvis Fisher

EKG Technician

"I'm very, very excited about this time and place in my life. I'm excited about the position that I newly have taken on, because I love people. I love being able to pour into people, make them feel good, make them feel like life is worth living."

Verline Forney

Patient Experience Specialist


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