New Healthcare Provider at Watson Chapel Clinic

Leanne Carter, MPAS, PA-C, found her way into the field of medicine naturally. Her grandfather was a family medicine provider in Memphis and her mother has been an APRN for nearly 30 years. “They are my greatest inspiration. Having the two of them as role models only set me up for success. Watching the positive influences […]

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Physician Credits Father’s Illness for Interest in Medicine

Jefferson Regional Pulmonologist, Khalid Mohammad, M.D., is dedicated to practicing medicine with compassion, availability and innovation in Southeast Arkansas. His journey has been a long one, and began with the influence of his father, who was a scientist. “He instilled the habits of learning, thinking and curiosity in me,” he said. Dr. Mohammad’s life trajectory […]

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Amy B. Cahill, M.D., FACOG 2017-2018 President of the Arkansas Medical Society

JRMC Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Amy B. Cahill, M.D., FACOG, was born and raised in Southeast Arkansas. In addition to practicing medicine, she remains true to her Southern roots and maintains a farm with her husband, Doug, in Pine Bluff. It’s no surprise that Dr. Cahill, who was known as a brilliant medical student, grew up in a […]

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Nurse Spotlight: Robin Robertson on Coming Back Home

Most nurses don’t choose to work in healthcare for recognition – they do so to make a difference in others’ lives. However, every job is enriched when an employee feels seen, supported and appreciated, which are three words that Robin Robertson, Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) Registered Nurse said, describing being employed at JRMC. Robin […]

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Employee Spotlight: Wendy Talbot on JRMC’s Culture Transformation

Last year, JRMC began a journey to transform the hospital’s culture. The first step was to identify areas of growth – not just from an administrative standpoint – but also from the perspective of each and every JRMC employee; after all, they know JRMC’s day-to-day work culture best. Management began to reach out and listen, […]

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Nurse Spotlight • Kaitlyn West On Living Her Calling At JRMC

For Kaitlyn West, Jefferson Regional Medical Center Registered Nurse, nursing was a calling she felt years before she began caring for neurology patients at JRMC. Kaitlyn’s cousin was born with a heart defect, and she was by his side throughout the time he received care at Children’s Hospital. “I witnessed how the nurses treated him, […]

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Reid Pierce, Chief Medical Officer On Changing The Culture For JRMC Nurses

Creating an excellent organizational culture is a weighty and important task – one that Jefferson Regional Medical Center has taken on with complete dedication. JRMC’s culture change is a direct result of its leaders’ passion to give current and future JRMC employees the best work environment in Southeast Arkansas, with the goal of giving JRMC […]

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