Is Our Culture Making Us Unhealthy?

Health & Wellness

Tips for Living Healthy in South Arkansas

Jason Rogers
Manager, JRMC Wellness Centers

Everything is available at a moment’s notice. It’s one of the benefits of living in the modern age. Problem is, we’re not just being sold things, we are being sold ideas, too. As a society, we’ve become obsessed with getting more out of doing less.

From bestselling books about “…dropping 17 lbs in 10 days” to TV doctors promoting raspberry ketones as the next fat loss cure, we’ve been programmed to believe – and buy – lies. Smart marketers realize that humans are addicted to the rush that comes with being sold short-term success plans and they capitalize on it. We see a means to a short-term reward, and we’re all in. Our instinct as humans is to run FROM pain and TO pleasure.

The reason we fail in maximizing our health is because we’ve been using a lottery approach to try and be successful. Every time we try the latest fad or buy the book full of questionable “science” and outrageous claims, we’re taking another spin of the wheel, hoping for the right combination of numbers.

Many in our consumer driven society are more likely to buy a fad product than they are to put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to make positive changes. And, unfortunately, the age of consumerism isn’t going anywhere.

We all want a flatter belly, a firmer tush, or bigger biceps. But, do you “deserve” it? They are not the same thing! Stand in front of the mirror in the morning with little or nothing on. Honestly assess what you see? What you’re looking at is not caused by what you don’t KNOW … it’s caused by what you don’t DO!

There are a million workout programs out there and even more diet plans. And most any of them will work. But, have you attempted to master the basics first? Have you been limiting processed foods? Keeping the added sugar and fried food at bay? How often do you exercise and/or train? None of it is rocket science.

The truth is, if you haven’t shown up every day and put in the work, you haven’t tried yet. And if you haven’t tried anything, you don’t deserve anything. If you’ve read my little ole weekly column in a hometown newspaper for more than a couple of months, you KNOW enough.

The path to success is rarely a straight one, but it isn’t about efficiency. It’s time to take the bumpy road. Show up tomorrow! If you fail, so what? Pick yourself up and show back up the next day!

The JRMC Wellness Centers, located in Pine Bluff and White Hall, offer a variety of fitness options for all ages and interests. Free weights, machines, cardio equipment, personal trainers and a full schedule of Les Mills classes are available at both facilities. For more information call the Pine Bluff (541-7890) or White Hall (850-8000) facility.


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