Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASU) at Jefferson Regional is used exclusively for patients undergoing procedures which will allow them to return home the same day they undergo a procedure, without being admitted to the hospital.

The physicians and staff at the Ambulatory Surgery Center perform a variety of outpatient procedures including orthopaedic; ear, nose and throat; podiatry; pediatric dentistry; urology and some general surgery cases. The ASU team also performs sterotactic breast biopsies utilizing the Mammotome table. Stereotactic imaging is an important component of breast cancer care, especially in cases of calcified abnormalities, and the Mammotome table allows for more precise, 360-degree targeted access to lesions. Biopsy samples can be immediately analyzed, and a successful biopsy procedure can be confirmed at the patient’s side. This ability to integrate sample collection and analysis helps contribute to the effectiveness of the procedure and the comfort and reassurance of the patient.

Jefferson Regional’s Ambulatory Surgery Center is located in the Jefferson Professional Center 1, across the street from the main hospital. While Jefferson Regional also operates a Same Day Surgery unit located inside the hospital, patients who are admitted to Same Day Surgery are generally considered at a higher risk of possibly needing hospitalization following surgery than the patients at ASU.

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