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The inpatient pharmacy at JRMC, staffed 24 hours a day – seven days a week, provides medication to our patients in an efficient and safe manner. Medication is dispensed using the latest computerized technology, and orders are scanned and compared to patient armbands to ensure they are administered to the correct person. The services of the inpatient pharmacy are far reaching and include medication compounding and delivery, TPN (intravenous nutritional supplement) and chemotherapy preparation, education, drug therapy and interaction monitoring, rounding with physicians and Transitional Care consulting.

The 340B program is a unique federal program that is funded by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and not by taxes. Based on the high percentage of uninsured or underinsured patients that are served by JRMC, we are able to access discounted drugs for patients through the 340B program. In 2015 the program provided approximately $500,000 in prescription discounts to patients that did not have insurance and used one of the JRMC contracted pharmacies. The program also helps generate some revenue for JRMC that is used to fund other programs for patients such as our Diabetic Assistance program. Patients that qualify of the Diabetic Assistance program are able to purchase insulin and diabetic supplies at greatly reduced prices. To qualify for the Diabetic Assistance program patients must be a recent inpatient at JRMC, be a patient at one of JRMC’s hospital-based clinics, or have been a recent outpatient at the JRMC main campus.

JRMC will also try to obtain prescription assistance for inpatients that are being discharged and cannot afford their prescribed medications. JRMC will work to help individuals qualify for free or reduced cost medications through drug manufacturers programs.

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