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1609 West 40th, Suite 205, Pine Bluff, AR  71603 – (870) 541-3230

For more than 100 years, Jefferson Regional has served the residents of South Arkansas and includes a panel of physicians from many different specialties who focused on treating cancer. We have developed a reputation of excellence in oncology that we are continuously building upon, and we are excited about the latest expansion of our cancer program, which is now open!


The Jones-Dunklin Cancer Center is the Only Choice for Southeast Arkansas.

 The Jones-Dunklin Cancer Center at Jefferson Regional offers all cancer-related services in one location without sending you out of town.

This beautiful new facility is located on the second floor of the Jefferson Professional Center, directly across from Jefferson Regional. Parking is convenient, and free.

Developing your care plan will be hematologist/oncologists, whose offices are all located in a central office. Together, they have decades of experience in the field and will tailor every aspect of treatment to your individual needs.

Many of our patients require infusion therapy, and we’re proud to offer a comfortable infusion center with all the amenities. Heated seats, televisions, sound domes and charging stations are among the conveniences provided in each of the 23 infusion stations. But treatment isn’t the only component of cancer care. Blood work and pharmacy services are provided onsite, as well as support services from social workers, financial navigators, and other team members who will work diligently to meet every need related to your cancer diagnosis.

Your team and your vital medical information will be accessible right here at home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Jones-Dunklin Cancer Center is electronically integrated with the Jefferson Regional medical records system, so your medical files are available at the push of a button whether you have a scheduled appointment at one of our associated clinics , or need to visit Urgent Care or the Emergency Department after hours. This means you have the entire Jefferson Regional medical staff on stand-by whenever you need them.

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