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Bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves – they are all part of a days work at Jefferson Regional. From sports and hunting injuries to arthritis-related conditions, our team of physicians is committed to finding the best treatment possible for each individual patient. Our goal is for you to be able to return to your everyday activities with as little pain as possible.

Five Signs that Indicate You May Need to Visit our Clinic:

  • Difficulty performing daily activities
  • Suffer from chronic pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Experience instability while walking or standing
  • Suffered a soft tissue injury that has not improved in 48 hours.  Soft tissue injury is the damage of muscles, ligaments and tendons and these usually occur from a sprain, strain, or overuse of a particular part of the body

Jefferson Regional Orthopaedic Associates – Areas of Expertise:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacements
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma and Fractures
  • Shoulder & Elbows
  • Foot & Ankle  (Bunions)
  • Hands (carpel tunnel, trigger finger, finger fusions)

Sports Medicine

Jefferson Regional’s Orthopaedic surgeons volunteer their time and expertise to high school and college athletes in the community through mentorship and the treatment of sports related injuries. Our surgeons have a wealth of knowledge and experience to treat sports injuries from the most common to complex cases.

Joint Replacement

The goal of a joint replacement is to alleviate pain and restore quality of life.

Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement is a procedure where the end of the femur is removed and replaced with a metal implant that resembles the ball of the hip. A small cup-like insert is placed in the socket of the hip so the ball has a smooth surface to move in.

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement with Direct Anterior Approach

Anterior approach hip replacement offers an alternative to traditional hip replacement

The benefits of this surgery include:

  • Smaller incision
  • The surgical approach is from the front of the hip versus the back
  • The hip joint is accessed between muscles and tendons, which leads to reduced muscle damage and disturbance of the joint and connecting tissues
  • Lower risk of dislocation and better ability to accurately control leg length
  • Decreased hospital stay
  • Decrease in time of rehabilitation

Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is a procedure where the ends of the femur and tibia are shaped to fit a prosthesis, which covers the ends of the bones. A plastic spacer is placed between the metal prosthetics as a cushion. This relieves the contact between bones, allowing your quality of life to improve.

The most common cause of a total knee replacement is due to osteoarthritis (OA), which is also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD). OA causes the smooth covering over the surface of the knee joint to break down, which in turn causes swelling, the development of small bony growths and lots of pain. The need for knee replacement can also result from other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis following an injury and poor blood supply to the knee joint.

Patients undergoing a joint replacement at Jefferson Regional can expect:

  • Nursing staff who are specifically trained to care for patients having joint replacement surgery
  • Twice daily physical therapy sessions
  • Educational sessions with the Patient Care Coordinator
  • Care coordination for discharge and after discharge
  • Written instructions and booklet for what and what not to do

Learn more about the Joint Replacement Class


Speak with your primary care provider to learn more about scheduling an appointment with Jefferson Regional Orthopaedic Associates.


Jefferson Regional Orthopaedic Associates

Jefferson Regional Orthopaedic Associates, owned and operated by Jefferson Regional, is located in Jefferson Professional Building 1 located at 1609 West 40th Avenue, Suite 501. The clinic is fully equipped and staffed with three full-time orthopaedic surgeons. Find out more about the clinic and specialists who work there by clicking the link below.

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Learn more about South Arkansas Orthopaedic Center

Emergency and Trauma Services

The Jefferson Regional Emergency Department provides 24/7 comprehensive care ranging from minor medical emergencies to stabilization of major trauma. Doctors of all specialties are on-call to assist in treatment and diagnosis of emergency situations.

Learn more about Emergency and Trauma Services

Imaging Services

From standard x-rays to 64-slice CT scans, Jefferson Regional’s advanced imaging services bring clarity to diagnosis and treatment plans by letting us see inside the human body. Jefferson Regional is constantly updating equipment, making site visits to other hospitals, and researching the newest technologies to make sure our patients and physicians have the highest quality options for imaging services.

In addition, Jefferson Regional is excited to introduce the Caring MR Suite®, the first of its kind in Arkansas, which enhances the MRI experience by allowing patients to personalize a variety of patient-centered features. Before an exam, patients may choose an ambient lighting hue, music, a 4K Nature Theme to experience, or if they would like – a favorite movie to watch for the duration of the exam. The room features light panels that surround patients with their favorite color, and surround sound suite speakers offer exceptional sound quality.

The Caring MR Suite features a large bore MRI (which gives patients more room), complete with head or feet first scanning, a detachable table to transfer patients from an inpatient setting to the MRI room without having to move them multiple times, sound-dampening technology and more.

The following features play a large role in the Caring MR Suite’s ability to calm patients:

  1. Control – to ease anxiety
  2. Personalization – to fit moods and preferences
  3. Nature imagery – to help calm and aide in decreased use of medications
  4. Choice – to enhance positive sensory absorption

Survey results indicate 94 percent of patients who used the Caring MR Suite report an “Excellent” experience. Caring MR Suite users also report improved patient experience and less need for sedation, less failed scans and less patient movement during a scan.

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It is very important for patients to get back on their feet and begin moving following surgery. Jefferson Regional offers inpatient rehabilitation, as well as two convenient locations for outpatient rehabilitation. Click the link below to learn more.

Learn more about Therapy


Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and care of the patient before, during and after surgery. Jefferson Regional provides full 24-hour anesthesia coverage. For more information click the link below.

Learn more about Anesthesiology

Same Day Surgery Unit

This area provides pre- and post-care for surgical patients, preparing them for procedures and coordinating discharge instructions for outpatient procedures.

Learn more about Same Day Surgery

Pre-Admission Testing (PAT).

PAT allows patients to complete their pre-surgical testing in advance, saving time on the day of the procedure. Tests may include EKG, blood pressure, blood work and chest x-rays.

Learn more about Pre-Admission Testing

Ambulatory Surgery

The Ambulatory Surgery Center at Jefferson Regional is for patients who are able to leave the hospital the same day they have surgery, without being admitted to the hospital. Jefferson Regional’s Ambulatory Surgery Center is located in Jefferson Professional Center 1, at 1609 West 40th.

Learn about the Ambulatory Surgery Center

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