Back to School: Thriving with ADHD

Going back to school is a fun, exciting and often nerve-racking time for many children, especially for those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Joann B. Mays, Children’s Clinic Pediatrician, says it’s important to understand that children with ADHD do not have less potential, intelligence or talent. “They simply have different barriers to learning than […]

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Why does a pregnant woman’s diet matter? Healthy eating is important during and after pregnancy. A healthy diet allows your body to meet the metabolic demands needed for the baby’s growth and development and is important while breastfeeding after the baby is born. This also means choosing the right diet in order to have a […]

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Diabetes: Questions & Answers

According to the American Diabetes Association, each year an estimated 25,000 Arkansans are added to the congregation of approximately 363,781 people in Arkansas that have diabetes, and of these, it’s estimated that 75,000 don’t know they have it. Not to mention the 797,000 people in Arkansas, 36.4% of the adult population, who have prediabetes. What […]

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School-Year Sleep & Schedules • Advice From A JRMC Pediatrician

Give your kids the best chance at a successful school year by making sure they get enough rest. This means your child should be getting enough sleep and isn’t too overwhelmed with an incredibly busy schedule. Extracurricular activities are certainly fun and important, but JRMC Pediatrician, Sevilay Dalabih, M.D., created a helpful checklist for keeping […]

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Amy B. Cahill, M.D., FACOG 2017-2018 President of the Arkansas Medical Society

JRMC Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Amy B. Cahill, M.D., FACOG, was born and raised in Southeast Arkansas. In addition to practicing medicine, she remains true to her Southern roots and maintains a farm with her husband, Doug, in Pine Bluff. It’s no surprise that Dr. Cahill, who was known as a brilliant medical student, grew up in a […]

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Nurse Spotlight: Robin Robertson on Coming Back Home

Most nurses don’t choose to work in healthcare for recognition – they do so to make a difference in others’ lives. However, every job is enriched when an employee feels seen, supported and appreciated, which are three words that Robin Robertson, Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) Registered Nurse said, describing being employed at JRMC. Robin […]

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